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Friday, April 11, 2008

Root of all Evil!

Root of All Evil - Has anybody else been watching Lewis Black's new show on Comedy Central, The Root of All Evil?? Let me give you the basic premise - they set it up as a court type environment where two comedians attempt to persuade Lewis Black that two popular items in modern American society, usually people, are the root of all evil. For example, last night's show was Paris Hilton versus Dick Cheney, last week it was beer versus weed, etc...

The show's premise makes for enough laughs to make up for time spent watching, although it's rather hit or miss depending on the comedians presenting their respective cases. So anyways, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to discuss the two topics weekly, although perhaps in a more serious tone for the sake of proper argument. This will also help me not dry up topic wise (although I don't actually foresee that happening for a while).

Paris Hilton versus Dick Cheney - on the one hand, Dick Cheney is in a position of power and clearly abuses it without any sign of remorse, but then there's Paris who's famous for being did that happen? I'm too busy today to discuss this...we'll keep this on our "to talk about later" list.

The Riches - Anybody watch this show on FX? It's pretty's all about these con artists who kind of happen upon this fake life that they set themselves up with, constantly attempting to get out of people discovering their real identity,'s pretty interesting and I have to say, wickedly well acted. I kind of came in during season 2 (on right now) so I'm thinking of renting season 1 to catch back up.

Anyways, today's been another hectic day at work so another half-ass post. Hopefully more tomorrow. Ta.

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