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Friday, April 18, 2008

"If I could get a hamburger everytime I was, that'd be great."

NOTE: I wrote this yesterday without an Internet connection and then forgot to post it later.

Obesity - today, I want to talk about fat people. Now I'm not talking "heavy" people who are probably a little unhealthy and could take better care of themselves, some might even argue that I fit into that category myself, so I'm not going to talk about them - no, I want to talk about the kind of people you see at buffets that make you stare. The kind of people who inspire you to say things like, "if I ever get like that - roll me off a dock" I'm talking 300lb plus and not being exceptionally tall or a football player or something. We have some residents here who are here because they are too fat to take care of themselves...what? How do you let yourself get like that? And then - they don't even do anything while they are here, they aren't trying to improve themselves or their sickening situation - they sit there and beg for food and candy and pop or just lay in bed all day because they don't want to get up. Honestly, I can't understand how someone can be so lazy they don't want to get out of bed, what level of lethargy have you reached where that becomes too much of a chore for you? Now I understand liking food, I love certain foods, but at what point do you have to say no? Now the reason to bring this up is because we are currently raising a generation where obesity will be an incrasing problem. Now, I'm not going to point fingers at video games, I'm going to blame the parents - nothing is wrong with video games, the trouble is just getting your kid a game system because you're too lazy to spend time with your kids yourself. All too often, you hear of bad parents who were "shocked" by the time responsibility that goes along with having a kid...really, shocked? How is that surprising - they aren't self-dependent for at least the first eight or nine years of their lives, if not longer, and even then you have to supervise them because their decision making skills lack common sense! Right there that's a minimum of twelve or thirteen years of constant supervision...yeah, that seems time consuming to me. Idiots. We currently live in a society that all too often rewards laziness, as long as you know how to fill out a form and work the system, maybe throw in three months of employement here and there to make it look like you're trying than you're banking. How is someone supposed to learn responsibility if the state pays them either way? Obviously I have drifted off on a tangent, but weight is a serious issue in this nation and I think it stems from laziness. Of course, I couldn't go without complaining about the flip side of the issue - eating disorders. People so concerned with image that they literally starve important is appearence, really? Now I can respect a diet - shed a few pounds, fine, but you still have to take care of your body and provide all the necessary vitamins and protiens to ensure a vital life. It's a thin line people, you have to eat and live right, or else your body - which is suprisingly more fragile than I think we would like to think - will break down. I try and I probably could do a little better, walk to dog more often...I'm not immune to this laziness that I complain about, so am I a hypocrit? At least I'm putting some effort...not sitting in a nursing home, because I'm too fat to do anything, begging for hamburgers and peeing on the floor because I'm too lazy to be toileted - you don't even have to do it yourself, someone lifts you and puts you on the toilet and it's still too much work for you? Seriously? Sorry if I seem a little bitter, but I just don't understand these people and how they could care so little about their bodies. If anyone has a hint - let me know - I'd appreciate it.

Sorry for the somewhat pessimistic, angry post...I'm actually in quite a good mood today, but once I get on a ranting topic, I really need to rant - songs tomorrow and possibly some "Root of All Evil" - we'll see. Ta.

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