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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Resurrected, living in a lighthouse - if you leave here, ships are gonna wreck"

Time (part 2) - so yesterday I reeled on and on regarding our insignificance in time. Well today, I'm going to stick with time as my topic, but not time the cosmic concept, but rather time the resource and I'm going to scale it back down. If a man lives to be 100 years old, he will have lived about 876552 hours. Looking at that number, it initially seems long, but then you think about it and it really isn't. Let's continue to break it down mathematically. 100 years is about 36523 days and you sleep and average of 6 hours a night? Sounds good for a lifetime, it's probably more, but for the sake of argument. 219138 hours of our life gone right there just sleeping...not that I'm putting down sleeping, I'm just saying that we sleep more in our lives than we work and that is a major time drain. So 657414 hours left in our waking lives. Of course, you have to work from the time you're 20 (approx.) to 65 (it's going up, but for now we'll stay there) 40 hours a week, minus two weeks for vacation for 45 years? 90000 hours working in a lifetime. 567414 hours left. But we went to school for 12 years, plus college - about 35 hours/week for 36 weeks/year for 16 years? 20160 hours spent learning, worth it sure, but it still adds up. 547254 hours remaining...about 62% of our lifetimes remaining.

Now to venture off on somewhat of a tangent - I drive to work five days a week. It's 45 minutes one-way. I drive to school two-three times a week. It's 60 minutes one-way regardless if I'm driving from home or work. I'm currently driving at least 690 minutes a week just for work and school, that's ignoring the fact that I drive elsewhere as we'll round it up to a good 750 hours a week and that should handle vacation driving and whatnot. I've been doing this for two years now, approximately, meaning that I've spent 78000 hours over the past two years in the car! This stuff adds up, people, it's ridiculous - the average American watches four hours of TV a day. Nevermind that this takes up a quarter of a person's waking life (if they get 8 hours/night), but think of what that extrapolates out to! 1456 hours a year doing nothing! Granted, I enjoy watching TV myself but you can't let it control your life and you certainly can't sit in front of it for four hours a day. Time is a lot more precious than I think any of us truly appreciate and that's another thing we, as humans, should improve ourselves on.

"The lions and the lambs ain't sleeping yet."

That's what I've got for today - more tomorrow? Ta.

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