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Friday, July 18, 2008

Please Excuse the Mess

My disappearance was not on purpose.  I find myself making that excuse a lot lately and I don’t know that it is an excuse, so much as the truth.  My job doesn’t allow me to plan, sometimes even for the next day.  I have tried to accept that and yet I find it harder and harder.  I schedule an appointment and then find out that I can’t make it.  As far as my writing, I work 10-12 hour days when I’m on the road and so I can’t always make myself sit down and write after a long eventful day at work.  When I can I write during work to try and make up for the fact that by the end of the day I don’t have the energy to write it is sometimes difficult to find the coherence that one needs to write sensibly. 

Enough with the excuses and apologies.

The Hulk-I thought it was an excellent movie despite the bad date that accompanied me on it.  I thought that although the cg graphics were not seamless I was able to go with it anyway and enjoy the movie thoroughly.  Edward Norton as usual is flawless (in my opinion) and I even found myself liking Liv Tyler a bit which surprised me.

Atlas Shrugged-I know I occasionally bring this one up when you and I are talking Nathan, but I thought it was high time that it made it to the blog.  In my opinion this book is the one to read.  Even if you don’t agree you have to see the big picture that this book is able to paint and I think that everyone stands to gain from it.  The reason I am bringing this up is because there is still talk about making it into a movie and while I will be there to see it, no movie will EVER do this book the justice it deserves.  It is a long complex book that encompasses an entire philosophy.  There is an ultimate reason that the book is as long as it is.  My message therefore, is please, please, please go read the book.  It is worth it.  The only requirement is for you to come to the table with an open mind and truly think about the message and not just the plot (although I completely love the plot).

Gas Prices-we all knew it was coming.  The question is how much did we all delude ourselves into thinking that oil was a never ending resource.  Please tell me that as a whole we are smarter than that.

Iowa-This is where I am right now.  The storms here are fantastic.  I watched lightening in surround.  From one end of the sky to the other, like a chain of lights that circled on itself.  The scene reminded me of a skit from Fantasia.  The one where instead of the orchestra you see the screen light up in time to the music.  Or a visualizer from your computer.  I just couldn’t figure out which music it was in time to.  Pretty awesome in my book.


Writing-When I turned 23 I wanted to recommit myself to the things that I love.  Writing, reading, pursuit of a new calling in life.  In the few months that have passed I have done reasonably well in some areas while letting other go still.  One of those areas that is still lacking is my writing.  I haven’t tried hard enough to make posts here and in the other blogs that I am a part of/am the soul writer in.  This is somewhat discouraging to me because I really love writing.  I know that my posts here aren’t always the most eloquent or interesting to read but the fact that I am able to put words together and get them out in the open is amazing.  I absolutely love it.  I love words and how changing a word choice can change the meaning of an entire passage.  That is an accomplishment in my book.  But yet I haven’t made the time.  I think in some respects it is a way of protecting myself.  I tend to write the most when things are going wrong (nothing like a little drama to spice things up) or when they are going really, really well.  However my writing drops off when things are just going.  I do believe that some people call it writer’s block.  I have trouble getting the juices going when things are just plodding along at a nice little pace.  So inspiration and drive are what I have to find within me these days. 

Just a few thoughts that I’ve had floating around in there.  Kind of incomplete, so please excuse the mess.


Oh and last but not least I wanted to comment that with my absence you have written many an entry about many a thing, and while I was looking through them I wanted to comment on every single one, but I don’t have that type of patience or time, so maybe I’ll revisit them sometime soon in the future, but for now, lets try for regular entries J


Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me

NPR-I want to dedicate this entry to NPR.  I have fallen in love with the magnificence that is NPR.  I know that it is a traditionally liberal media, but I know that up front so the bias is easily spotted.  Getting passed that for me is half the battle.  Then you have great programs like Science Friday and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, along with so many others that make my time in the car and my time during the day just fly along.  Every time I listen it’s a new discovery.  Africa, China, even the U.S., they report on them all and I feel like I actually know what’s going on in the world (which is hard considering most media only covers the U.S.) when I listen to NPR.