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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

He has eloped from this world...

Luck - Today's topic will be a bit silly to help me deal with what is becoming an increasingly stressful day - luck. I bring this up today because I am wearing my boxers with elephants on them because, although not directly, I have a job fair this afternoon. Now, while getting dressed I didn't seek them out - I saw a pair of boxers that made me say "meh" and then I saw the elephants buried a little bit and I said to myself "I always do better in elephants." Is this my lucky underwear? Does the underwear I'm wearing truly effect the course of events on my day? I have no idea - I doubt it, seems a bit...far fetched, to me...but some people believe. Luck in general I think is a misconception we label things we don't want to figure out - a guy heaves a basketball from half court and it goes in...he wasn't lucky, he happened to throw the ball at the right angle with the right velocity and spin on it - it was physics people. Granted, he probably didn't sit there and figure out all the figures he would have needed and he probably couldn't do it again exactly the way he did it before, but more than likely he has at least some experience with a basketball and basketball physics. Furthermore, if he did just happen to guess - like we did in elementary school - can we really call it luck that he got it or a successful calculated chance? On a multiple choice examine, you don't know an answer so you guess - are you lucky if you get it right, or did you use logic to determine the answer that was most likely? I think tomorrow I will continue this discussion (I'm a little busy today, and on second thought tomorrow isn't looking good - but I'll try and if not tomorrow, Friday) and expand it into other superstitions like black cats, mirrors and ladders, etc... What do you think?

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