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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Humps, my humps....making it through hump day

It’s my catch up day. Here on Taggart, on Evergreen, on my other blog. It’s time to suck it up and write. YAY Amanda! You’re officially on top of it now that you’ve made your first post. Enjoy blogging…

Next on my list of things to mention: I have my story that has made me who I am today. I will be posting that here today too.

I have a short list (it’s still growing) of things that I want to do before I die. Here it is:

Life List
1. Travel to 5 out of the 7 continents

2. Enjoy a weekend at the spa

3. Find love (I think I did this with my friends, but I want to find it in terms of a significant other, sorry I’m a little bit of a hopeless romantic)

4. See a show on Broadway

5. Write a published work that is purchased by at least 1000 people that aren’t my relatives or friends, although it would be cool if they all purchased it too.

6. Live for a year in a foreign country

7. Volunteer or visit a third world country

8. Get a tattoo

9. Have a library in my home

10. Have a child or two but no more

11. Grow in my faith and walk the walk not just talk the talk

12. Figure out why people are drawn to me

13. Learn to let go of the little things

14. Build relationships that are healthy and lasting

15. Learn to love my flaws

Now I’m not going to explain any of them other than to say I know that some of them are rather conceptual and can vary depending on my mood or where my life goes, but at the same time I think that these conceptual goals are just as important as tangible ones.

What special ability would I have if I could choose?
This one rather stumped me I’m not going to lie. I thought about several possibilities, but what it came down to is what power would be the most helpful to others as well as myself (gotta be a little selfish sometimes) and I think that my choice would be the flying/flaming ability that the one member of the fantastic four has. I was trying to remember the characters name, but I can’t so I hope you know what I’m talking about. Point being that I think between the flying and the flaming I could both have fun myself and take care of some of the criminals that are around. Somewhat cheesy, but there you have it. Not much of an explanation was it? Oh well, it’ll have to do.

Wrong doing celebrities get press coverage
This is something that has been bothering me since Paris Hilton went to jail. Well, it’s bothered me before that, but Paris was what really got me heated. Who cares? Seriously. People go to jail everyday for doing the exact same thing she did. Driving drunk isn’t acceptable whether you have money or not. You deserve to serve the time for committing the crime. I guess what disturbs me the most is that it seems that as a society we are sending the message that the more out of control you get the more attention we’ll give you. If you’re raising a child you’re supposed to not reward the bad behavior. You are supposed to not ignore it, but give it a punishment. Why should be reward the celebs for their bad behavior? Now I do realize that by writing this, I am giving it attention, however, I think that it is a topic that needs to be addressed within the media. Cover the good, not the bad should be what they are doing. Instead they cover the bad, because it’s what sells. It’s a problem in society, the bad rules, while the good that goes on gets shoved to the back.
It’s a short rant, I know, but I think you get my point.

My car
I drive as in present tense, a Saturn L series. It’s a shiny blue color. It gets almost 40MPG (which let me tell you is awesome). Practically nothing on this car is automatic, in fact, nothing is automatic, it’s all manual. From the gear shift to the windows and locks you do it by hand. I love it, really I do. It might now be glamorous but in a world where 30MPG is considered the high end, my car rocks!
Now if I could own any car no matter cost, or gas mileage, etc…I think I would honestly buy a smart car roadster. I would have a convertible that is one of the best hybrids out there. They are small and compact, but they are safe and really cool looking. I still have that dream of owning a Viper, because I think they would be awesome to drive, but the more I think about it, the more I want to race one once or twice and then get something slightly more practical. The roadster fits this, you’ve got style and design with a hybrid design. Sweet right? Well I think so, keep your opinions to yourselves :P j/k.
As far as point A to point B transportation, yes I see the need for a slight change. I think we would find that building a better transportation system, one that was government mandated would help the economy a lot. One the fact that the transportation system is in place would allow for many the job to be created on that alone. I think we would also find that the poor and the people that can’t drive are able to be much more productive members of society because they have a way to get around. Because we rely on cars both as transportation and as status symbols, the use of the car is keeping the poor from getting anywhere. Now mind you, those who want it, do usually find a way to get it, however, why not make the public transportation there, we could use more people in society that are productive and talented. Another point is that if there was a reliable, well maintained public transportation system, drunk driving and other instances of people crashing because they’re being stupid would decrease. There would be nothing holding back a judge that wants to revoke a persons license for being stupid. If you drive drunk, your license is gone and the person can still get to work, they just feel worse and it might mean an adjustment in their schedule. Well, they were stupid they deserve it. Maybe I just support the Europeans on that too much, but it seems to work over there. With a few tweaks to the system it’ll work over here. Better public transportation would also provide for a more competitive market because the trains and the buses would better be able to compete with the airlines. It would make fares more competitive and you could see a drop in the prices of domestic flights or they might offer more perks for flying. That’s not an absolute, but I think it’s a possibility.
I do know that I wish Adrian had a bus system, it would save the safety officers from having to cart drunk people back from the bars or from tired friends getting a call at two in the morning to pick people up.
I also know that the times that I have rode Amtrak I’ve really enjoyed it. If there were more trips to more places at a reasonable price hell yes I’d ride. I do have to say though the prices aren’t that bad. Trains are faster than cars, but slower than flights.
And so ends my discussion on the day. Ta!

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