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Friday, August 17, 2007


Weird Al - Genius or Cheesy? Why?

Top Five Shows!
1. The Simpsons
2. Gilmore Girls
3. Mythbusters
4. Arrested Development
5. Futurama
Runner Ups - Family Guy and the Critic

A little explanation of each, I think, is in order. Starting at the bottom we have the runner ups - both of which appear here for very specific, different reasons. Family Guy falls here simply because of it's sharp decline in quality upon returning after being canceled. Perhaps it was high expectation, perhaps it was the distraction of the occasionally brilliant American Dad, but I think it would be hard to argue that the new episodes can hold a candle to it's former self. Three years ago, Family Guy would have been #2, no question, but it's obvious publicity stunt of a movie (which was not nearly as good as it could have been) and it's disappointing return to prime time we have the show that tried to beat the Simpsons at it's own game and failed miserably because they took the only occasional flaw the Simpsons have - the stupidity of Homer runs away with an episode - and they made it a series, ignoring the true gems of the show, it's side characters. They missed the point, it seems, and that's why it's merely a runner-up. The Critic falls here not because of it's disappointing performance, but merely due to lack to episodes - just over a season? It's a shame, because I didn't watch it when it was originally on (somewhat responsible for it being canceled, yes) but upon further observation I see - it's fucking brilliant! It is actually the home of my favorite line anywhere of all time - "my psychologist was right - God does hate me." It's a shame it had such a short life, it really is. Moving along the list - Futurama - I think speaks for itself, perhaps better than the Simpsons, but didn't survive long enough to prove it (when it's one, it's really fucking on). Rumors of a movie or it's return to prime time are unrelated - the show was groundbreaking and it's yet to even been tested as far as competition goes. Arrested Development is another show that had it's true potential squandered by low ratings and the cancellation bug - hell, it was originally canceled after it's first season, three Emmy's later and they were brought back in a heartbeat - of course, it never did climb out of it's rut and it did get the ax in the middle of it's third season. Shame, really, because I have 53 episodes showing a gorgeous story arc that would make most graphic novels embarrassed. Running jokes, insane side characters and the main family and you have the funniest show ever on television - I mean that. Mythbusters is a recent love, the past year or two, and it's just a fun watch - plain and simple. I love learning and I love experimenting - hey look, a show that combines the two and it's all completely useless in the practical world - perfect! Five seasons strong and still going, excellent. Gilmore Girls, my number two, stands here because...honestly, I love the show. It's fun, it's witty, occasionally trite, but always worth it because you love the characters and they went out exactly right - could not have been happier with a seven season series. Well done. Finally, we have the Simpsons - the high water point for which all other comparisons are made and I'm not going to go on and on about my favorite episodes or anything, just simply put - 18 seasons, 400 episodes, 1 movie that didn't disappoint and still more to come. The longest running sitcom in history and for good reason, the Simpsons are my clear number one.

On the topic of money, I've never been good. I'm good at earning money, I've had a job since I was 15 and haven't gone more than a month without one since (and I only did that once) - I've only worked three places, although technically five different jobs since two of those three I did both in Rochester and here in Kalamazoo. I've never been good with money though, always spend it all as quickly as possible and then wonder why I can't afford food a week before next payday. This got me many things - my 600 some CDs, my DVD collection, etc...but it often left me more hungry than it was worth and my credit report shows a similar unreliability with money. Lately I have been keeping close track of my spending simply using a spreadsheet, budgeting everything out and even saving some up (for this week's vacation, so it's all spent). All in all, I'm getting better, although I still tend to forget certain things - particularly, automatic withdrawals which I obviously shouldn't forget since I can't stop them or anything. Oh well - part of growing up, right?

As for the Internet - my homepage is Google and it is the most useful thing out there. My brother works there and he always sends me links to beta test neat stuff they are working on. Google Documents is a genius idea and I've already started convincing people at work to use it to share things, blogger of course is nice as is Picasa. Everything Google touches makes the Internet that much better, you can't deny it. My second favorite website has to be wikipedia, just as useful - I say, excellent for research and for better learning, well - just about anything. Thirdly, which is a great time waste simply because I constantly check my own page as if I didn't know what I was listening to. I also enjoy MetaCritic. That's pretty much it - and while I can't think of anything more I want from the Internet, I'm sure when the next big thing comes, I'll be all over it.

Good question - and really, it changes for every artist. For instance, if I'm listening to Bright Eyes - I know that it will be lyrical heavy and while, on further listening I'll appreciate the music with it's swelling orchestra and echoing bells that flourish in the background, I know the lyrics are what I'm supposed to be listening to. Then I throw on something like the Fiery Furnaces where the lyrics are more of a second thought and the music is the focus, it's easy to really focus on the piano line or some crazy guitar line meant to sound like waves crashing against a boat. I'm not as into lyrics as one might think, I'm just a music maniac - every part of it speaks to me. I'm indeed a failed musician, spending time playing no less than five instruments, only to find that I'm tone deaf, lack rhythm and get frustrated and lack perseverance to boot. I spent my most time playing percussion, so I usually can pick out a good drum beat out of any song. It's all music - that's the bottom line, without the lyrics, the music would (with the exception of Pink Floyd and the Beatles) usually be boring and without the music well - the lyrics would be lacking most of their emotional punch. That's really the brilliance of pop music, it's combination of the subtle hints of shared feelings through the music and then the more up front lyrics backing up those emotions into a perfect three minute punch in the gut. Excellent question, thank you.

Alright - something a little deeper - religion. In particular, God - discuss.


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