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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mythbusters are my friends...

Good evening - sorry I've been missing for so long, my Internet was down. So let's catch myself back up - the car question. I drive a 2003 Kia Spectra, it's blue, it's got new tires (now) and I love it. I named her Winnie, as in Winnifred (you know - Wonder Years). She is my first car not named after a J-name (Janelle, Jena, Jenny) and my second blue (blue, green, green, blue). I have had four cars since 2004 and this has lasted me the longest (broke a year back in April), 2 totaled (one me, one Tori) and 1 died. So here we are. The reason I thought of that question that day was because my best friend, whom I hired into my company and he recently got promoted to my position, with his first manager paycheck ran out and bought his dream car - 2004 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, green. I laugh at him, although with a grain of salt because 1) he's paying less a month than me, 2) it's newer than mine and I've long since prided myself on having the newest (and often - only working) car of our little group. I do laugh at him though because his windows stopped going up after two days of owning it and yesterday a hubcap fell off - basically, he hasn't this car two weeks and it's falling apart faster than he spends that not too big paycheck. Where I'm going with this is that a car is more often than not, a direct reflection of who you are. It's as much of a personal effect as any CDs or movies you claim to be your favorite, and even further than that really, because cars are usually personalized to fit their driver with little mirror decorations and bumper stickers, etc... No, it shouldn't matter what you drive and lord knows, using it as a social barometer is about as stupid as using race or religion, but I suppose it's a little less ignorant - not by much though. I don't know where I wanted this thought to go so I have a few random questions and we'll see where they go.
  • Mythbusters - anybody watch and what do you all think?
  • Top five TV shows of all time (already discussing music and movies, it seems almost necessary)
  • Nellie McKay's "I Wanna Get Married" - sincere or ironic? (if you've never heard it - don't worry, I doubt she has any fans here, but it's a question that's always plagued me as it's meaning changes each time I hear the song).
  • How do you manage your money?
  • You favorite websites - most useful? Most time wasting? What more do you want from the Internet?
I'm done - ta.

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