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Saturday, June 16, 2007


I have been thinking, as I often find myself doing in times of terribly mundane routine of day-to-day existence. I get up, I work, I come home and sleep. I didn't always do this, obviously, but I feel myself falling into a rut that I know is very difficult to climb out of and continuing on this thought process, I determined exactly what I'm missing from my past lives. I always woke up in the morning (or afternoon, but who's watching the clock?), I always went to work...sometimes school, but rarely, and then I would return home and sleep, but never has this routine truly brought me down and I think this is possibly because of the lack of group discussions I have had recently that match the shear intensity of the past. From talking "true evil" (better known as Darth Vader vs. Hitler to those who were there), capitalism vs. communism OR "I'm an objectivist, don't take it personally", even to debating God's existence while stuffing tacos. I'm not talking about changing the world or making any breakthroughs on any fronts, I just want to have some good old fashioned conversations with a group of people I know that will mentally stimulate me and give me something to think about. I'm not exactly sure where I want this to go, but I know I want if you come up with a topic before I do, please - post, anyone who wants it has permission to join in...well, I have to add you, but just comment and I will. Generally speaking, the more the merrier is an excellent motto for these types of things. And don't be limited to the current topic, hell - random thoughts are just as much fun as topical issues. So, I guess since I have nothing else to add - let the discussion begin.

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