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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ten Things and Global Warming

It's alright you haven't seen them, although I've meaning to ask, why are you in Utah right now anyways? Just curious.

I think you're right though, that the 2008 will be one of extreme change, so we should be optimistic, I mean, how much damage can be done in 18 months? Right?

So I was walking the dog the other day, and we've kind of gotten into the habit of taking long marathon walks, a good three or four hours just wandering around Kalamazoo and I thought of an excellent talking point for us. What are your favorite ten things ever? And I mean, and all intensive list of concepts, people, places, things, whatever - I don't care if 7 is dragons and 6 is tile floors and 5 is motivation...whatever you want. I'm still kind of working on my list, I have a few things down, but I want to rank them yet and I don't have 10 yet. And don't forget to include the always necessary why - nobody likes just a list of random shit.

So this past issue of Rolling Stone (with the Police on the cover) has an excellent three part article about Global Warming. The first part is a short conversation with Al Gore about his campaign to save the planet in and our of the political ring. The second part is about the Bush administration's do-nothing strategy that has put us another 20 years closer to destruction. The third part is a piece on changes that are already happening that do benefit the environment and what we as individuals can do. So what are your thoughts on global warming? Hoax or problem? Is it too late or can we save the planet? Discuss. Ta.

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