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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Favorite Things

When I first started brainstorming for this list, I started with very specific, detailed items but quickly with such narrow topics,my list would become more like a flavors of the week countdown rather than a snapshot of my mind right now that I will perhaps look back on in five or ten years and notice how I've matured and changed, how my priorities have shifted with the times, even note how society has shaped my point of view. However, I did compile all these little details and then broke it down into broader categories, but that resulted in a run-down of 101 classes at most universities rather than a personal image of how my world is shaped. So, naturally I compromised. I continued adding more ideas, subtracting the ones I felt were kind of tacked on, combining into larger categories and then breaking those down into topics and the end result was a solid 12 (rules were made to be broken) bullets, ranked, along with two honorable mentions which I could have grouped with some of the larger topic fields, but I felt that they deserved to be at least mentioned in their own right while also not quite getting the kind of recognition that the rest of the list is receiving. One thing I did find fascinating while compiling this list was how many of my interests overlapped with other topics, it's as if my favorite thing is a Venn diagram, and this is just my way of illustrating it. I shall now reveal my list to you in dramatic twelve to one traditional fashion, then I shall explain each topic individually throughout the next week from one up to twelve and the honorable mentions. And thus, without further delay, I give you my favorite things...

Honorable Mentions: Lists and Philosophy

12. Bowling - family hobby, along with Euchre and Hearts.

11. Roller Coasters - another longtime fascination of mine.

10. Animals/Evolution - from my early childhood love of big cats to the concept of evolution blowing my mind.

9. Weather - storms and disasters...what more can I say?

8. Mathematics - Pythagoras and other awesome things, bonus: shapes (triangles, circles the suffix -gon) and colors.

7. Words/Language - words, sentences, paragraphs, conversations, Google and mythology.

6. the Simpson's - I think this one kind of explains itself.

5. Family Life - started with walking the dog, but will likely transition into family and friends and eventually, playing the Sims.

4. Architecture/Engineering/Landscaping - a broad topic from skyscrapers and highways, to brick houses, ivy used as ground cover, and Legos.

3. Man over Nature - more so, harnessing lower, for instance windmills, watermills, hydroelectric dams and solar power.

2. Water - including, but not limited to; rivers, rapids, erosion, waterfalls, fountains, lighthouses and catamarans.

1. Music - but more specifically, live music.

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