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Friday, June 22, 2007

So first my reply to your question. I'm sorry to say that I haven't seen either movie, although both are at the top of my list to see as soon as I'm some place that has a DVD player again. Hotel rooms aren't very conducive to watching DVDs. So as soon as I see them I'll let you know.

Back to the topic of music for a moment though. I hope that our generation is up to it, because that is what we have. Lord knows that the current political climate is not going to continue to work and when all of the old guys that are in congress now die, or retire, or get kicked out of office, or what have you we are going to have to be there to pick up the pieces or as you said, we will fall much like the Romans did. Knowing that, I think that there will come a time some time in the not so distant future where we will see the government start to have opinions that are much more like our own. It happened in Vietnam, that's why we finally left the conflict. We left because 1) the climate had changed because of media influence and 2) because the political leadership had a turn over and it ended up favoring the younger generation, if I had to pick a number 3 it would be because we were getting our asses handed to us, but that was just bad strategy from the beginning. But I think the climate in politics can and will change to our favor the question is whether anyone our age will want to pick up the torch when most of us are disenchanted with the way things are going in this country. And I think it can happen again, it's just sad when you don't hear people standing up for their right to stand up. The first amendment is one that should never be ignored or forgotten. Ok, I'm done on my soap box for now.

And yes, we did both forget that American Idiot was the best selling album, and I'm sorry for that, because it was a work of art.

Again, I'm sorry that I haven't seen either of those movies, I would love to comment, but it wouldn't make sense since I haven't seen them. Ta.

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