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Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Lot's of Defects"

Continuing with my pop culture themes here - let's discuss some great TV shows.  Now, I don't just want a list of shows that you like or that are good, I want actual shows that are truly greats in your mind.  My own basic criteria is going to be 10 great episodes.  Some shows have great moments, or great characters, and there's some shows (Family Guy, looking at you) that I watch somewhat religiously and wouldn't consider it great in any regards.  I would like some classic shows as well and while I don't expect 10 great episodes with those, but at least some arguments for them (and feel free to refute any nominees, for sure...this is a discussion).

I'd like to start with a more modern selection and go ahead and say, Psych:
While only 39 episodes have been aired thus far, I'm more than willing to bet I could come up with more than 10 great ones.  As with any show, they've had some duds...but they hit far more than they miss and that's worth a lot in my mind.

Spellingg Bee, 9 Lives, Cloudy...Chance of Murder, Poker?  I Barely Know Her, Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast, American Duos, Murder?...Murder? ...Anyone? ...Bueller?, The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable, Disco Didn't Die (It was Murdered!), Talk Derby to Me

Season 2 is horribly underrepresented there, and it wasn't really a down year, it was an overall solid season but it never really stepped out of its safety zone either which is why they didn't get those great episodes.

Quick Synopsis:
Shawn, who has honed his observational skills thanks to his former police officer father, fakes psychic abilities for the local police department when they incorrectly suspect him for providing accurate tips on a burgulary.  (sound familiar - like the Mentalist, well this came first and is much funnier...being a comedy and all).  He works with his best friend and pharmaceutical salesman, Gus.  His father, with a complicated relationship, still helps with cases either intentionally or not so much.  At the department, he works with Lassie, the head detective who seems to loathe Shawn as much as he appreciates his help and Juliet, with whom there is slight romantic tension going on (in real life, the actors are dating - also, she played Brad's girlfriend on Home Improvement...not imperitive to this discussion, but a good point of discussion regardless).

Enjoy - more next time.  Ta.

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