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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hey everybody - what's going on?

So as promised, I figured I'd do a little post-election run down on my thoughts.

I'm not going to start with the main event, I'll start with the local stuff and move on from there.

Here in Michigan, we had a familiar proposition (as's been on the past three elections), Proposition 1 - medical marijuana. As always, I've voted 'no' on this and let me explain why...this is a cop-out. I would like to see marijuana legalized and taxed like cigarettes. I enjoy taxing the hell out of people doing damage willingly to their bodies (go ahead, tax alcohol...I'll pay it). Giving people this is just an argument to be used in later years like, "we already gave you hippies medical marijuana, what else could you possibly want with it?" and other awkward questions politicians seem completely oblivious too, although I know they haven't lived perfect lives so they shouldn't be. ANYWAYS, it passed and good for it. I'm doubtful marijuana will ever be legal in any other form, so we'll see where it goes from here I guess. I don't feel strongly enough against it that I'm upset, it was just my opinion.

Next was Proposition 2, which I was quite happy finally passed. This was regarding stem cell research and at the risk of sounding somewhat uninformed, I'm quite optimistic of the medical breakthroughs that can be achieved thanks to this type of research.

Here in Kalamazoo we had a familiar Public Transportation Millage which was shot down...again. For like six extra cents of taxes a year, people here in town could greatly improve our public transportation system which is pretty crappy at the moment. We could do better, we should do better, but apparently - we're too cheap of a town.

All the other major elections (Senate, House, etc...) were won by the usual suspects who have either been there too long (Upton - great guy, doing a good job, but he's been in office FOREVER) or are now official out-of-touch with the local area (Levin). Good job incumbents, you didn't lose.

Now moving on to the big picture...the presidential election. I voted Obama and I guess you could say I won. Walking into the voting station, I wasn't 100% sold on who I was voting for...I eventually looked at the top ten issues and compared ideologies head-to-head and Obama won 6-3-1 (energy was a tie and I wasn't very enthusiastic about either answer). Even so, I was hesitant of buying into the hype...questioning my own thoughts, wondering if I'd been brainwashed by a very, very charismatic politician. Not that there's anything wrong with a little charisma, but it tends to hide small character flaws that could become painfully evident while in office. Here's hoping. I am glad that Obama won for many reasons though, and me voting for him isn't one of them (although it feels good to vote for a winner for once).

1) He's not John Kerry. No offense to John Kerry, but could he have been more vanilla of a's like the democrats chose the one politician who couldn't beat one of the most disrespected presidents of the modern era. I think Hillary should have made her move here, and I'm sure in hindsight she would agree at this point. I wasn't 100% sold on Hillary this time around as winning the election seemed more important to her know...being president and while I commend her drive and...let's go with attitude...she stacked a few cards against herself as well as going up against, well, as I mentioned before - a criminally charismatic individual.

2) The peacemaker in - other nations not only a) commend us on our election of Obama, but b) his intent to make peace with the world. The past 8 years, America has had it's fighting face on and while there is certainly a time for that...if you greet people at the door with a growling dog, they aren't going to be very fond of coming over if you know what I mean. There is no question that terrorism is an international problem that not only threatens the US, but every other westernized nation and this means we need to have lots of friends...we can't do it alone, this isn't the early 1900s when isolationism is the best protection, we are in the 21st century and we have emerged as an international melting pot of nations, so we all need to work together to be successful.

3) There is also the issue of race. First, I thought little of his race prior to election as he was a candidate with ideas and concepts of the direction our nation should take. The fact that he was even half-black never occurred to me as a selling point, or a deterrent, although I was confident that in some regards it would work as a deterrent to some which made me a tad anxious...still does given his election. However, after all was said and done, it's easy for us to look back and say - we've made good progress. I make no statements of racism being dead here in the states and honestly, I'd love to see the day it finally does happen...I just don't see it as a possibility...that being said, this is a huge step in the right direction. Enough of our nation doesn't see race (at least that's my hope) that Obama was able to be elected and even more good news - he's already at work. Wait, that's 4.

4) Obama is already at work! Most president elects disappear from the spotlight until January 20th when they take office...not Obama. On Thursday he was being debriefed on various need-to-know things and meeting with his various committees to start discussing plans so he can hit the ground running once he is officially in office. Honestly, after all the campaigning he did, I'd take a day or two off, but I'm lazy and you see how my brain works, so good for him. It does concern me a bit the way our campaign system works (as in...for two years Obama was campaigning instead of working as a congressmen), but that's for another post I think.

Finally, I'd like to end on this note - what becomes of Sarah Palin? This is an interesting case because we have to look at why she was chosen...1) she's about as right-wing as they come, which is good because McCain is pretty middle of the ground. 2) she was not well known and therefore, malleable, although they clearly underestimated her personality and didn't consider that in their decision. 3) She's got looks and is charismatic too, the perfect competition for Obama...had she been better prepared for the campaign trail, they might have pulled it off. That being said - in four years, who knows, she could be a serious force in the political ring very soon. Yes, her first meeting with the nation wasn't an impressive one, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a future in the national ring. I'll be honest, I don't remember most of the past losing VP candidates and while she's a bit more memorable than most, she's got that going for her...drift into the forgotten and then come back made-over and ready to kick ass. Personally, I hate her if for nothing else than shooting animals from a helicopter...I'm not a hunter by any means, but I doubt most hunters would approve of this as most I've known enjoy the slow days in the woods more than anything actually regarding the hunt vs. beast, it has it's appeal - man + helicopter vs. beast is just lame. Just my opinion.

Until next time my friends...and feel free to drop me a line with some of your opinions, you know I'm open to hearing them. Ta.

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