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Friday, February 8, 2008

Back again...

Good evening, and how are we tonight? Fine - thanks for asking.

Astrology: So this is a fun topic because there are so many fine points to it - I mean, first, do you believe in the concept of it all? I'm not talking about your sign and your given personality - I'm talking about the concept of the stars...not necessarily affecting the future, but at least affecting the present, if not our personalities? I mean - huge celestial beings, regardless of distance from our own developing minds have go to be doing something, right? Gravity still pulls, no matter how slight, regardless of distance. I don't particularly buy into the sign crap or any of the divination side of things either, but the concept of having an effect is undeniable. However, I think it's more than likely much too complex for any human to figure out, especially considering gravity seems to work faster than the speed of light - do you know how hard it would be to calculate the ACTUAL location of various celestial bodies at any given time given simply their current position as it APPEARS to us - it's mind boggling! The closest star is 20 light years away! The sun is eight minutes away! I can't even wrap my mind around the possibilities - and we haven't even uncovered 1% of this universe. There is so much more to learn, that's a fact.

New Topic - Biirdie. So I have this adorable band from California that I recommend to just about anyone who will listen - they are called Biirdie and they just came out with their second album, Catherine Avenue and it's a great listen, so I'd recommend Google-ing them and purchasing both albums (only $20 when bought together) and maybe sending them an e-mail trying to get them to tour outside of California (okay - that one is more for me than anything).

That's what I got for now - back to work. Ta.

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