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Monday, October 1, 2007

The Beatles - All You Need is Love

Too true...too true, too bad State's don't run on happy feelings and sunshine, that would be sweet. So Michigan did not shut down and that's because our State's government decided that raising taxes is the only logical solution to the problem. This is exactly why I voted for DeVos...he's a business man, normally I go Democrat, but not when we have a struggling economy, a impending budget crisis and four mediocre at best sports teams - you need a business man in least solve two of those problems. So raising taxes, huh? Let's see...raises consumer costs, that'll reduce tourism to start, probably local spending to boot. So the economy struggles some more and down and down and down we go. Oh well - enough about Michigan and it's impending doom. Back to my privatization is key posts.

Let's go to prison! This one is already on the fast-track to getting the private sector booming again and why shouldn't it? Prison is a great source of cheap manual labor, plain and simple. Companies buy the rights to a prison, or hell, companies buy land and build their own long as it matches State regulation, it opens and bam! Companies have a brand new factory where they can pay unskilled workers under minimum wage to manufacture whatever it is they make. Of course, it'd be a calculated risk given the hazards and costs of running a prison, but that's just something the company will have to account in when building a facility like this. If they have to buy into the system, similar to the franchise build I set-up for the SoS offices, then that money can be used to fund the State's police forces and probably fire as well, although that's typically run on a city budget anyways. Next part of the State's budget that needs me help? Go!

Welcome back Brit, look forward to lot's of good posts - ta.

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Taylor said...

First Post, I suppose fate lead me here today.
Hi, everyone. I'm an old friend of Nathan.

I had a similar idea for prisons. Along the same lines, but they should be run more like hotels. You get a bed, food, and cable TV. Why shouldn't you pay for it? I say, charge the prisoners rent. They can work in the factory to pay for it. No more tax money going into the prison system, and if prison wasn't such an attractive free ride, maybe there would be less crime. I don't have an facts or figures to support my arguments, so I suppose they are meaningless to educated folk, but it's just a theory. I'll leave it to someone else to prove.
On a side note, I think a private prison closed recently. I don't know where or why, I'll leave that to the same gerbils to retreive.

The only things that are hard to privitize are public goods (non-rival, non-excludable), which are those things that society requests, but the private sector is unwilling or unable to provide(i.e. national defense, road construction, etc.). Some things in this area work without government aid, though. For example: radio. Consumers don't pay for radio (the regular kind, anyway), the fact that my neighbor is using it doesn't prevent me from using it, yet it is still provided by the private sector. This leads to the obvious conclusion that the miltary can be privitized with advertising.
Just some quick thoughts. I guess I'll end this ranting with the trademark: