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Monday, September 7, 2009


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Pandora, if you don't know, is an internet service that builds radio stations based on song or artist selections, built on the findings of the music genome project which basically, finds the common threads in music and attempts to determine trends and qualities on this information. I use it daily at work and usually at home or in the car, on my cell phone as well. It's great. I have about ten or fifteen radio stations programmed in, three to five artists each ranging many different genres, and then put it on quickmix, which matches my own personal musical library almost entirely, just with more variety which is what I'm all about. Since I've been using Pandora regularly (I've had an account for years...), I've discovered about ten bands that I plan on checking out on my own later. I'm really interested in the music genome project which looks at the individual quality of songs, like vocal melodies, use of acoustic instrumentation and complex time changes, among a bunch of others. There's a list of qualities on wikipedia, although in my listening, I've seen others come up as well. It's amazingly deep and informational in regards to what makes the music you listen to and like, unique to your ears. You can program it as well, by telling it what you like and what you don't like, building a virtual playlist of songs with the qualities you like. What's more, you can look for these qualities in other songs and it really makes you listen more to music as a whole, a deeper understanding of it helps in the listening to and creating Really, it's great stuff. Check it out.

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Max said...

I have been aware of Pandora for about the past year. I hadn't participated until recently and I must say good work AI research people. Of course, it's not a perfect system. I don't think it's possible to create such a system that uses logic and cross references to calculate personal taste. Currently, I am inclined to say I don't like DMB, only because it plays him every other song. True AI, as seen in "I Robot" is a long way off. Perhaps over time, Pandora can assimilate a close relative, but to be a cognitive entity that learns and understands a person fully is the not yet attained dream.