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Monday, September 7, 2009


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Boy, Universal Health Care sure is rising a hub-bub, isn't it? The facts are - America has the lowest lifespan of modern countries, the lowest lifespan of people over 65 (that is, shortest life after the age of 65 for people who make it that far). Part of it is the unhealthy we, as Americans, live and part of it is our health system's inability to care for everyone. Yes, someone has to front the bill and yes, I've - in the past - complained about government involvement where the private sector is usually more efficient, but here is an exception to that rule. The health system is currently built on a by-job policy, that is to say, for every test a doctor runs, that doctor gets paid regardless of whether that test is needed or not. In addition, there is no distinction for quality control, a job is a job, regardless of results. There is malpractice insurance, but this just rises the cost of health care for the rest of us. The insurance industry is rife with crooks who don't even hide the scams they are pulling and the current system of insurance through your employer leaves very little options for the every day consumer. I don't know if universal health care if the answer, but our current system is broken and I for one am glad we are at least looking at other country's approach to taking care of it's citizens. Obama promised change when he ran for president and thus far, it's been a lot of the same, but this is the first sign of true change coming to Washington and how this nation is run, so I'm happy for it. We'll see if he can get it done.

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