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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sour Cream 'n Onion

  • Social Networking
  • The constructs of family...
  • Mythology
  • How we perceive crime...
  • Potential of the horror genre in a TV environment
  • What defines art..
  • Heroes and Villians (some even of the 'super' nature)
  • The New Media (Twitter, podcasts, etc...) and the future of how we get the news
  • Michael Vick
Good afternoon. Late lunch today, but I give you a post anyways. Today we're talking about social networking - basically, how has social networking changed the world, or how we interact with it, and where is it going? Social networking is officially beyond arrived, it's probably been here a while and might have passed out on the couch at this point. It was recently announced, or realized, that social networking sites now have more daily visitors than porn sites. Porn has long since dominated the Internet, and will continue to do so, because...why wouldn't it? But porn isn't today's topic, no, today we're talking about social networking. The big three are obviously myspace, facebook and linkedin. I know, most of you are currently preparing your 'twitter' comments, but I don't really see that as social's social something, but not networking. In the 'old' days (two-three years ago), one of the best methods of getting ahead in life is knowing the right people. Guess what - it still is, but now it's a much smaller world. Just keeping in touch with people from work, or school, or your hometown - whatever, it can all come back. Someone I used to work with is doing well in my field, I can use the connection to get a job...but it's easy because he's my friend on Facebook and we worked well together. And the growth of this stuff is amazing - first there was myspace and it was crazy lame full of 14-year old girls who said they were 18 to get the sites. Then facebook came along was pretty much the same, but we didn't have to suffer through the ads, stupid profile layouts and color schemes, and the privacy settings were much better. Finally linkedin showed up and all of a sudden we have a dedicated site to professional social networking. Almost everyone I know is on at least one social networking site (almost entirely facebook) and it's ridiculous how often people log in jut to check update statuses (which is essentially twitter at this point, but you can get deeper if you choose).

So what are your thoughts on social networking and where do you see it heading? I'll probably answer these questions when I feel like it, but I have to get back to work. Nathan out - ta.

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