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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

People are Fascinating

Ever walk by someone and pick up just the briefest snippet of conversation, completely out of context, and try to put some personality over it.

For instance, just now I overheard a person who works in my office (not necessarily a colleague as he works in a different field than I do, hence we never communicate...not a peer as he is way out of my age bracket...not a coworker, because again, we don't work together)...

New topic for the list - how relationship definitions have modern society.

Anyways, I overhear - "What about that stupid G-Force movie. That opens up this weekend... I don't know, it looks funny." and then a few seconds later, "I was thinking of doing a Dad thing this weekend."

Just from this briefest snippet of conversation, I can easily conclude that he has young children (obviously), and they are an active functioning family (you know, the kind of family that does stuff together on the weekend, as oppose to each person doing their own thing). It's fascinating how much you can kind of build of a person's life from these brief snapshots picked up from eavesdropping. I suppose that's kind of the beauty of people watching as well, making up likely lifestyles of random people.

Anyone else find this interesting, or am I just creepy?

I love this song (Your Cover's Blown by Belle and Sebastian). Ta.

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