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Monday, June 29, 2009


So I've always had this...not really a dream, just a strong desire to do something very fun with a bunch of friends. I want to go paintballing. Now, I know what you're thinking...just go then, there are tons of places you can paintball or you can buy your equipment yourself and just go out into the woods and shoot 'em up. Well, yes, this is all true, but I have a vision of bigger things.

I went paintballing once and it was a great time. My complaints, naturally, was that while playing indoors, we still were forced to crawl around in mud and be surrounded by tires and fake was fun, but it was a very forced environment. And, of course it was, if you have group after group of paintballers coming through, you're going to want an environment that won't mind the constant barrage of new colors being splattered across the walls. That leads me to this conclusion...

I want to go paintballing in a hotel, or an office, or something of that nature...someplace clean and organized, and I want to shoot it up with a bunch of people. I say a bunch of people because it would be the only way to make it relevant and even then, you'd have to restrict yourself to a two or three story building. The way I see it, you get two teams - one offense and one defense. The defending team is required to hid a flag or some object somewhere in the building and then the attacking team comes in and tries to find it. You feeling me on this one? And the thing is, I can't imagine this would be too hard to accomplish for a group with a little bit of capital. Let's say a company is looking to sell off or demolish an old office building (I'm leaning towards office building because a hotel would be very difficult given all of the potential locked doors and hiding places whereas an office can be laid out in a much more random pattern), just ask to borrow it for one day before it's destruction. Either that, or just be a millionare and buy land and build your own I suppose, but that's a tad ridiculous and only relevent if you are an excentric billionare, like I someday hope to become...anyways, the point is - there can be no clean up step, it has to be shoot 'em up and then demolish. Who's in?

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