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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Tonight topic is on music -

When you listen to a new album from an artist you like, do you immediately compare what you are listening to to their past work or do you take it as a separate entity? That is to say, do you separate mentally the new album from the artist's past? Is it even possible to do so? Do you really think it's possible for your subconscience to make that disconnect where you know who it is and what they've done in the past?

In that same stream on conscienceness - are you able to listen to any music without making the connect to music on the historical level? Can you really listen to something without immediately attempting to connect it something more familiar? Do you try to put it in historical context?

I don't know - I got a few new CDs this past few weeks and they are all albums of artists I'm already familiar with and I find myself immediately comparing the new songs to the previous or original batch. And on a grander scale, I find myself comparing everything to the historical connects with each song I hear.

I hear a little U2 in this song, although it's really more of a late Smiths sound so perhaps that was a larger influence for them. I like this more than anything the Smiths did like this, more accessible.

Just some quick thoughts - Nathan out. Ta.

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