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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Trusting the Internet with your privacy is like trusting the government with your money

What is the point of a journal or a diary or blog?  I know for me, my personal reasons, why I keep them, although I think the meanings are deeper than I am currently aware of.  First and foremost - if we consider the concept of a diary, without taking into consideration the Internet and how that has changed everything.  Why keep a book of thoughts and activities with no intended audience?  And don't you still write to an audience - do you not write as if intended for someone to read?  Then there comes into play the complications the Internet provides actually do write to an intended audience.  I write to all of you in here with all my deeper thoughts that don't really apply to my daily my other blogs, I recite my more day to day activities.  Only once, in my five years of maintaining my various Internet journals have I written a completely private post.  I did it for private reasons, but why?  I still wrote it as if I were writing to anyone who happened to stumble upon my web address?  And yet, there it sits, something completely private to me and my life, sitting on the Internet, supposedly safe - it's almost as if I want it stumbled upon.  Give me some feedbacks, peeps - ta.

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