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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"I heard you just saved Meijer a lot of money"

A couple of ambitious topics, more than likely they'll be cut short and have no actual substance. I'll try my best though.

- I forgot Evolution. What a great movie.

Weezer - So I picked up the seventh album (you know, Weezer (The Red Album)). I think it's time for a review of said album and also a complete retrospection of the band. That's a lot of typing for me...and I'm lazy, keep it in mind, maybe I'll do it later.

The Fiery Furnaces - Alright, so many of you may or may not know that this is one of my favorite bands. They have released 6 albums to date (since 2003) with a live album planned for this autumn. Now one of the things I like most about FF is their complex albums and song structures. Therefore, I plan on also going through a doing a complete retrospection of their albums as well - I'll be looking for common themes, concepts and whatnot through each album and then try to tie it all together and maybe (but doubtfully) get a direction for the band to travel (right now they are on a Democ-Rock tour where the details of your life can become details in new songs and they also recently had a poll on their website for the next album...title and style). Again, this is a big project that I'll likely start and never finish. If you want to read some interesting stuff on Blueberry Boat though you could start at the Clap Clap Blog or The High Hat.

Government - Is Democracy really where it's at? I mean...give people freedom and they generally choose to follow or conform. Is that really a way to run a government? Another topic for later discussion.

Horror Movies - What makes a good one? What makes a bad one? What's better - gore or suspense? Name the best and what made them that way. I'll try to make a nice long post (similar to the B-movies post) later.

So that's it...a bunch of stuff to think about, but nothing with soul. Enjoy that worthless post everybody - POST something - ta.

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