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Thursday, May 15, 2008

"But I don't want to go on vacation, I want to be a citizen"

Federation - Okay, so after writing about it the other day, I went home and watched Starship Troopers just to remind myself a) how terrible it is and b) how much I love it. Now, in the movie, there is one global government (an inevitability if you think about it). Now in the "federation" people aren't born citizens, they can apply for citizen and it's granted to those with the most civic responsibility...basically, serving in the military guarantees citizenship and that's the end of it. You know, upon further inspection it seems that the movie is based on a book of the same name, but apparently the book is actually good. Who would have known? Anyways - I'm going to read that and continue this topic later.

Taxes - so I was thinking more about taxes, what they pay for and how to improve the situation...because our government is broke and it's isn't our fault (us, being the civilians - it is the politicians' fault). So before we were talking about privatizing everything to make more money and do things more efficiently and plan and simple - this is the best way to do anything, but it's also somewhat impractical for certain things, but we have other choices too. Some countries pay upwards of 50% to taxes and everything is taken care of...medical, roads, schools...everything good. However, what I'd be interested to see is a completely independent nation where everyone is free to choose what they want to pay for. Let me try to explain - you pay no taxes...okay, you pay some taxes, but minimal - pay government salaries and probably the police and fire departments as well. Anyways, you drive on a road - you pay a toll. Your kid goes to school - you pay for it yourself. Everything is paid for voluntarily, so if you don't use it - you don't pay for it. Free to choose what you pay for. Would it be complex? You betcha! Would it be expensive to set up? Unfortunately. Would it be preferred? Hard to say - what do you think?

I've wasted too much time on my blogs today...I'm getting back to work now. Ta.

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