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Monday, February 9, 2009

What's the sound of one hand clapping?

Add it to the 'life list' - be a contestant on Jeopardy and get to the Final Jeopardy Round (finish the first two rounds in the pluses).

A couple rhetorical questions - first, let's say you found an exuberant amount of money (say a million, or whatever you think would define exuberant if that isn't enough for you)...would you keep it? Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you find it in a supermarket, like in an aisle over in hardware and you see an open...bucket and then you notice it's filled with money. I wanted to go that way versus, you know, a briefcase in the street which seems unlikely (whereas this is very probable). Now, no one sees you noticing the money and this is off camera...and you have a purse and/or backpack with you meaning you can easily conceal the money quickly without making yourself notable. Here's my thoughts - I'd probably take it, impulsively, by I'm most afraid that it would make me paranoid for the rest of my life. Here's how I got there - first and foremost, any large sum of money found in that situation is most likely here under nefarious circumstances, right? Therefore the money is probably ill-gotten one way or another, therefore taking it in itself wouldn't be wrong, right? Taking it the police is the obvious alternative. Here's where my paranoia sets in...let's say this is a mob drop (you don't know, it could happen) and you just interfered. No one saw you take the money, but maybe saw you walking from the aisle where the money was dropped and noted a suspicious way in your walk or look on your face - now you're a target. You walk away without touching the money, you may be in no danger (although you still saw it - you're a witness). Now you take the money - you can't deposit it into a bank account, at least not all at once, so you have to plan that out...maybe deposit $1000 at a time and always carry $100 and spend cash like it's going out of style. Still though, wouldn't you have that nagging feeling that the rightful recipient of that money is hunting you down to kill you (No Country For Old Men?) So I ask - what would you do?

I thought I had another, but I'm drawing a blank here at the moment, so I'm out for now. Still no Internet at home, so I'll get back to you when I can (Wednesday I'm at school). Nathan out - ta.

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